My whole life I found bowel movements, of any sort, a horribly uncomfortable, unglamorous topic that would never voluntarily cross my mind to bring up in any social situation. Yet years down the line, at the ripe old age of 24, I find myself starting a new blog page about exactly that.

Poo is the ever-famous taboo. It enters more happily into ‘lad’ culture and is still a myth before your relationship hits at least a year, apparently. Whilst we all wish it was a simple case of glitter and rainbow dust, being admitted to hospital recently due to only being able to push blood and shreds of my intestine out my rear end really does hit you round the face with a baguette of reality. Sometimes I would ask myself if it was my punishment for being so prudish all these years? Medically, it’s just an unfortunate case of Crohn’s Disease.

Whilst IBD illness seems to be relatively fashionable on the health charts these days, it is still kept pretty hush-hush. I’ve spent hours on end Googling my disease and failing to find anything relatable. Whilst there are some amazing activists for Crohn’s, I can’t seem to find anything saying shit that helps normalise such an isolating condition. Crohn’s can be the loneliest illness, and so this year, I’m taking it upon myself to bring more of a voice to the subject. I might as well use my loud mouth for something useful, hey.

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