Some people are so bitter about New Year’s resolutions; but some people, I believe, are purely judgemental to feed their ‘I’m better than you’ complex. They’re people who roll their eyes at someone who chooses to give up dairy or believe that somehow they’re cultured because they deleted their Daily Mail app in favour of The Telegraph. To those people, I say lighten up – yes, the phrase New Year, New Me is a total cliché. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity for self-improvement. In an idillic world, every moment would be one for change, if we so wanted it to be. However, when our lives are constantly bogged down with routine, monotony and scheduling, to be granted a time-frame that allows immediate recognition to renew, to refresh, to regain control, I think we should embrace that.

For me, 2016 was a whirlwind of a year. I was fortunate enough to visit places like Cyprus, Croatia and Toulouse, unfortunate enough to end up in A&E due because of my Crohn’s, unlucky enough to have a 5 year relationship come to an end but thankful enough to have moved to London and met some of the most amazing and impactful people in my life to date. Medically, turbulent – in the last 12 months I’ve been on 3 courses of Prednisolone (corticosteroids), taken more Asacol tablets than I can count and spent stupid amounts of time in Holland and Barrett isles searching for supplements to help piece my deteriorating body back together.

This year, I want my main goals of 2017 to be bettering myself. I want to learn and understand more about my Crohn’s Disease. I want to find a treatment that works for me and I want to help that by improving my lifestyle – I truly believe that many illnesses are aided by lifestyle and emotional choices, so I would like to increase my fitness (e.g., by ‘fitness’ I mean being able to walk to the fridge without getting out of breath) and also improve my diet (e.g., maybe cutting down my greasy burger consumption to one per week). I also really want to push my GUT INSTINCT channels and reach out to more young people suffering the same things as me – I currently find the Crohn’s Community almost non-existent and isolating. If I can share my thoughts and views, and only one person reads it or is able to relate to it, it’s one more conversation and Crohnie-in-Crime that I didn’t previously have.

This year is my year. This year is your year. Never stop finding what inspires you, never settle for second best and always remember that you can truly achieve whatever you push hard and work for. It is so easy to be defeatist when you suffer from an invisible illness like Crohn’s, but the only way you can let it stop you is if you allow it to. Keep fighting, you’ve got this babe.


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