New Year, Same You

Hello, party people! Happy New Year – even though we are now a week deep into 2018. Whoops. How is everyone doing? The festive period can be a bit of a weird one, especially if like me, you don’t go to your family home for Christmas anymore. But whatever December threw at you – you made it, and you’re here, reading this; so well done, you!

Enough of the soppy shit. I just wanted to write a quick post to a) reach out to you guys and b) to share a few thoughts I have about New Year and what’s to come. The concept of ‘New Year’ is a bit of a weird one – when the clock strikes midnight, you celebrate and feel a sense of excitement, motivation and intrigue at what the new year might bring, but when you really think about it and the man-made concept of time, it’s just another day.

So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to commit to new resolutions and promises? What makes us so special today than yesterday – did we suddenly inherit a lot of will power from the source energy? Have we automatically reset our moral clocks because it’s the first day of a new calendar?

Don’t get me wrong; I do love it. I enjoy the sense of freedom that a New Year seems to bring. The anticipation of what’s to come and what we can achieve. It almost feels as if the slate has been wiped clean and that you are capable of anything. The truth is – you are capable of anything but that you always have been! The huge pressure of making pacts and promises about diet or alcohol or setting yourself unrealistic goals is a little too much for me to handle these days, because if I break any of the resolutions (normally by about Jan 3rd) then I feel guilty and beat myself up about it mentally, thinking that I’ve failed already.

Instead, I take the opportunity of the ‘fresh slate’ mind-set to think about my goals and visions for the future ahead. What is it that I really want to achieve? What have I learnt about myself, others and the world in the last 12 months that affects the way I live my life? Most importantly – if I’m thinking about 2018 as an open book of possibilities, how far am I going to push myself.

Looking back on 2017, I was literally just getting to grips with things. When I started this channel a year ago, I had no idea what I really wanted to do with it or what the reception to it would be (let me tell you, it’s pretty scary posting a video on YouTube for the first time talking about your bowel movements…) With a year now under my belt, I feel like I am ready to embrace the next part of the ‘Gut Instinct’ adventure, and with that want to set myself small targets in order to monitor my own personal growth and evolution.

I’d like to make sure that I commit to writing a blog post every week and post a video every month. That way there is always content out there for our Community and it means that there is always something positive for me to focus my energy on. Life can be so busy and it is very easy to get distracted and carried away with things – but I am passionate about this, about Gut Instinct and about raising awareness for IBD, so may this be the starting point in my goals to come!


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